Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Individual music therapy sessions are tailored to each client's needs, abilities, and musical preferences. A formal treatment plan is adopted based on an assessment, and progress on specified goals and objectives is tracked and recorded after each one-on-one session. Creative approaches and an emphasis on what an individual CAN do create an engaging environment, while fostering success. Goal areas addressed may include communication and speech, cognitive and academic skills, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, self-expression, and emotional awareness and well-being. Goals and objectives integrate with other therapies and daily activities as well. Individual music therapy sessions are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure consistency and progress.

Adaptive Music Lessons

Bringing together excellent formal musical instruction, a creative approach, and an understanding of unique learning styles and needs, adaptive music lessons are perfect for children, adolescents, or adults who want to learn a musical instrument, but have difficulty succeeding under traditional teaching practices. Adaptive music lessons are tailored to each student, and lesson plans are customized to take into consideration special needs and learning styles, as well as the student's personal goals and musical preferences. Meeting each student where he or she is at and creating an environment for success is at the core of each adaptive lesson. Adaptive music lessons are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure consistency and progress.

Music Therapy Groups

Currently, North Austin Music Therapy is only facilitating groups through the "Songs and Seniors" program and the "Songs for Sprouts" program. For more information, please check these group pages or call to learn how to start a group for your residents or students. Customizable music groups for a variety of ages can be created to meet your organization's needs as well. Please contact North Austin Music Therapy for a free consultation.

Music Therapy Presentations

Speaking Engagements and Interactive Presentations are available on a variety of topics relating to the field and practice of music therapy. Please e-mail all information regarding your request for a presentation to