What the clients say...

Sierra started music therapy with Meredith in the middle of August 2013 for executive function delays associated with her ADHD diagnosis. The main objective of therapy was to harness her focus, attention, and memorization. In 4 short months Sierra has made leaps and bounds in her progress toward those goals. We have seen a substantial amount of growth in all areas!! Her communication and social skills have also improved tremendously. In the month of November 2013 Sierra had her wellness checkup and her pediatrician was astounded to see the change in Sierra and inquired about what we had been up to. She not only got Meredith's contact information, but assured me that she would recommend Meredith to her patients in the future.

Initially I was a bit skeptical about music therapy for fear of the unknown. All that was trumped after the first consultation. Meredith has an amazing ability of making a child completely comfortable while getting toward those goals. She's fun and Sierra looks forward to seeing her every week. She not only honed in on the weaknesses of Sierra, but she also reached in and pulled out her strengths!! And in such a short amount of time! We continue to be blown away by her. You will too!!

Rosalyn Karl

Mother of a special needs child

I highly recommend getting music therapy into any activity program. The program is so beneficial and the residents love it. They look forward to it every time. It is stimulating and provides mental and cognitive exercises without residents even knowing...they think its all fun! Sign-up with her, its worth it!!

Danielle P.

Longhorn Village

All my residents love you, and can't wait for you to come. You are a joy to have around, and make the residents very proud and happy. They love to participate in playing your instruments and singing.

Tracy A.

Sterling House of Georgetown

It's no longer blue Monday's at our house because Mondays are now filled with music and laughter with Ms. Meredith. Yes, there are a few "No's!" from my grandson (on the autism spectrum) thrown into the mix, but Meredith handles them with humor and skill. Not only am I delighted with what Meredith is accomplishing with my grandson, but her patience and positive attitude lift my spirits also.

Cynthia B.

(We love you!!)

Jaclyn L. CTRS

Riverside Rehabilitation and Healthcare

When he started, he sat on the bench for only five minutes, two years later...